What New Factors Contribute For Prolonging Conflict Dynamics?

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What new factors contribute to prolonging conflict dynamics?

Ellsworth (1999) stated that “ethnicity and religious affiliation are the two highest ranked identity makers for a vast majority of Nigerians than other indices such as state, national, ECOWAS and African identity”. His research revealed that “northerners are more inclined towards religious identification, and southerners are likely to rank ethnicity first, ethnicity was discovered to be the second highest ranked identity country-wide after religion, with state and national identity coming third and fourth, respectively” (Ellsworth, 1999). This finding introduces a complex dimension to the Jos crisis since the indigenes are predominantly Christians and the settlers, are mostly
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The South African example, has stimulated the idea of a permanent Court of Arbitration in the African region.” Adopting such in Jos may be successful.

Who are the main actors?

In the context of the crisis in Jos, the players and actors vary, the politicization of justice and ethnic bigotry play a part in the consistent crisis. The local heads in the case of religion-driven violence, are in most cases players, while the youths among them actively participate in violent crimes. Hagazi states that, “in the rural areas, there has also been widespread violence between Berom farmers and Fulani pastoralists” (Higazi, 2011). Consequently, community leaders/traditional leaders are also involved. Rival politicians also in their attempt to render rivals incompetent fabricate chaotic scenarios that opponents have to grapple with. Observers of intractable ethnic disputes like Hall frequently suggest that “group with different socio-cultural backgrounds, often get into conflict because of the gap created by communication or their ability to effectively communicate” (Hall, 1959). The problems that could exist between settlers/indigenes in Jos could only be aggravated by communication vacuum played up by leaders that have followership, their manipulations of dialogue thus yielding
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