What New Trends Are Affecting Church Administration? Essay

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Isidore E. Sharpe
Professor George Henderson
ADM – 101
3 September 2015
What new trends are affecting church administration? We are in a generation that is vastly growing, and things are ever so changing. The 21st Century Church and church administration is affected by today’s trends. Today’s society as a whole have a lack of trust, rather it is brand trust, organizational trust, and institutional trust. The believers of the church desire prosperity, but they have been affected in large by failure. These failures have become costly in the public sector, as well as, the private sector. The government shutdown and bank bell outs are two of the biggest failures. The best way to combat a general lack of organizational trust is to build a specific reputation as a trustworthy church. People may not trust churches organizationally as a whole, but a specific reputation as a trustworthy church spreads rapidly through word-of-mouth.
The accountability in leadership is the single most neglected behavior. Society is searching for the church to be a light in a dark world. People desire for accountability in leadership from the church, because it’s the most neglected leadership behavior from a global perspective. It should not be a surprise that people recognize the pervasive culture of unaccountability and desire leaders who not only hold others accountable, but are also willing to be held accountable. The lack of leadership accountability precipitates almost in every church scandal.
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