What Of This Goldfish I Would My Last Wish Analysis

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An Abundance of Questions and Events An abundance of people thinks where we are from, or how much money we have are determining who we are. The real answer is not answered by just one question. It is composed by diverse questions and events. They all form who we are. One of those questions involves relationships. Relationships determine who we are. Situated on the balance of the relationship, listening and being honest and how arguing is handled. To begin with, all relationships will end up with damages if one has power over the other. A one sided relationship was used as an example. It is a type of relationship where one has power over the other. It can create a feeling of entrapment. A “hostage” in a relationship. Especially if the other partners feeling does not mirror the other. In the story, “What of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?” Written by Etger Keret, the character Sergi kept the goldfish hostage. He used his last wish as a kind of advantage in the relationship. My personal experience comes from my sister. She would constantly be trapped in similar relationships. She would feel like she could…show more content…
It can be physical or mental pain. Hiding things from the other partner can cause several events to happen. The other partner could feel as if there is something hidden from them. Causing distrust to grow in the relationship. The problem will only acquire worse results. No one will intervene if no help is asked for. In the short poem, “Without Title” written by Diane Glancy, the father tries to hide his fatigue. He also tried to hide how he felt about the new change. He does not tell anyone, but his daughter notices. I have personal experience from a similar situation. I would try to hide the stress from schoolwork. I did not want to worry my parents, so I kept it from them. Eventually they noticed, and helped me. In conclusion, partners in a relationship are required to listen to each other and be
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