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What or who is to blame for the South’s Secession Nanci D Sterling Southern New Hampshire University In the early 19th century the United States started to develop different economic systems and by middle of the century political union was almost guaranteed. so, separation of the union was splitting into Northern and Southern factions. From 1850 to 1861 the main issue between the states was slavery. By the mid nineteenth century, the compromise that held the nation together began to come apart. The constitutionality of this compromise was disputed by the union. This compromise was the first one to create sectionalism inside the union. Even though due to several varied factors, the divergent paths taken within the economic…show more content…
Before the civil war, the country was dividing between the north and south, Problems included the states’ rights and disagreements over tariffs hi but the greatest divide was on the issue of slavery. Slavery was legal in the south but had been banned by sets north of the Mason Dixon line. With the election in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln who ran a message of containing slavery to where it currently existed and the success of the republican party to which he belonged. South Carolina issued a proclamation on December 24, 1860, to explain its reasons for seceding from the United states. An official secession convention met in South Carolina following the November 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the united states on a platform opposing the expansion of slavery into us territories Years after the wars end claims were made that South Carolina decision to secede was created by other issues such as tariffs and taxes but these issues were not mentioned at all in the deceleration The primary focus of the declaration is the perceived violation of

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