What Other Variables Contribute And The Composition Of Racist Ideology? Essay

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What other variables contribute to the composition of racist ideology? There are four fundamental constituents: geographical location, educational attainment, age, and gender. First, the geographical location determines a lot on what type of socialization one experiences and it interconnects with every other aforementioned variables. Take southern states of the United States as an example. The southern states, being the former Confederate states, hold a violent history of racial superiority of Blacks by whites. They have a pre-existing historical framework of disapproving any shape of integration, which lasted over hundred years (Kuklinski, Cobb, Gilens, 1997). This creates a huge regional disparity between nonsoutherners and southerners in terms of cultural value, demographic pattern, and political view. The southern states’ demographic have increasingly become more white-dominated as Blacks migrated upward to the northern states (Campbell, 2010). Reinforcing southerners’ collective white social identities. The southern culture is characterized around rigidity and radical conservatism (Kuklinski et al., 1997). As until today, Confederate Flag is utilized as their identity marker. According to James H. Kuklinski, the omnipresent racial bias in the South is an idiosyncratically southern phenomenon that is not merely an outcome of the mixture of individuals who reside there. Contemporary southern whites exercise alternative sources of expression of resent
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