What Our Distribution Channels? Essay

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what our distribution channels 0:03 dispute in channels at the means by which businesses get products to their 0:08 consumers 0:09 distribution involves links in a chain of distribution 0:13 as products are sold between different businesses on route 0:17 to the final consumer there are three main types of distribution channel 0:22 one direct to the consumer to 0:26 to the consumers via retailers 3 0:29 to consumers via wholesalers and retailers 0:32 let me say little about each day 's firstly 0:37 direct these products with relatively low volume sales 0:42 are often sold direct direct says could be made online 0:46 through mail order or two shops owned by the manufacture 0:50 businesses selling direct do not rely on shops 0:54 or other in two majors to sell their product well-known examples have 0:59 businesses that sell direct to the consumer 1:01 are direct line insurance and Dell 1:05 computers distribution via retailers 1:10 large retailers often purchase goods from manufactures 1:15 and sell on to consumers this method a distribution is sometimes called 1:20 modern distribution products reach consumers feel one into majorie 1:26 large retailers have enough buying power 1:29 to negotiate bulk discount prices with producers 1:32 to produce a benefit by being able to concentrate primarily on making the 1:37 product 1:38 without needing complicated distribution systems 1:41 to splice thousands or millions of customers 1:44 produces just distribute too much smaller number
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