What Our Educational System Needs Is More F's Summary

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No matter other suggested remedies, until teachers begin giving more F’s, the general quality of America education isn’t going to improve significantly. In “what Our Educational System Needs is More F’s,” Carl Singleton, a public school educator, dismisses such proposals as “merit raises, getting back to basics,[and] marrying the university’s to industry” in deference to a “massive dispensing of failing grades.” Illiterate high school graduates, poor teaching, weakly prepared college students- all are the results of twenty years of grade inflation in our schools. While some might be quick to dismiss his call for the “big fat F, written decisively in red ink millions of times in schools and colleges across the country,” Singleton projects some positive effect. Parents would become more attentive to student progress and begin taking an active part in their children’s learning. While public taxpayers and voters would begin to…show more content…
The problem of our education is not the students. It’s the low-quality teachers passing students that did not deserve to be passed. Its student who should have received “F’s” but instead passed with “C’s”. Singletons article states that his solution to the problem is giving more F’s. Singleton repeatedly says that they shall be given only to the students who have not learned the material. He feel that neither getting back to the basics, nor giving the teachers higher salaries will do anything to solve the current problem. Singleton also stated that the immense distribution of failing grades would “immediately force into the open every major issue related to the inadequacies of American education. He does not claim that this will solve the problems, but argues, “Unless and until we start failing those students who should be failed, other suggested solutions will make little progress toward improving
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