What Parents Need to Know About Asthma

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According to Barnett and Nurmagambetov, from the time period of 2002-2007, 886 children under the age of 15 died due to asthma. Using the 2009 figure for value of an average life of any of those children, the grand total for loss of life in the world for just those 5 years is almost 1.2 billion dollars. (145-152) Child-onset asthma may not be the greatest killer of children to plaque this planet but it is a real and terrifying experience for both children and their parents. Mothers and fathers can fight against this illness but they need to know how to deal with asthma and what to do when an attack happens can help prevent these deaths from happening. Francis states, “between 1982 and 1992, the asthma rate increased by 42%” and later…show more content…
Asthma also has four different categories: intermittent, symptoms that bother people less than twice a week; mildly persistent, symptoms happen more than twice a week but less than once a day with sporadic issues at night; moderate persistent, daily attacks but nighttime emerge more than once a week but not every night; severe persistent, it’s a daily and nightly thing to need an inhaler or nebulizer to breathe properly.(1264) Recognizing how asthma works will give any parent an advantage in battling this disease but parents also need weapons. Hockenberry and Wilson note there are two main ways to fight asthmatic problems. Pharmacological and nonpharmacological each has a special way of handling things but if parents want to truly help their children they should really do both at the same time. Nonpharmacological is watching what is happening around your child and knowing what can lead to asthmatic problems. One of the best ways to do this is to get a skin scratch test. It may put your child in pain for the one day
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