What Part Of The Environment Has The Highest Temperature If We Heat Them Up With A Heat Lamp?

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Question:What part of the environment is going to have the highest temperature if we heat them up with a heat lamp? Research:Out of our environment the chunk of coal is the most absorbent which causes the chunk of coal to be the warmest out of our environment.The hottest temperature ever recorded was in death valley and it was a whopping 134 degrees fahrenheit and death valley has a lot of hard solid rock which adds to the rock is very absorbent and gets hot very easily.Also it 's at a low elevation and sparse vegetation and the main reason it gets hot is because of the rocks and dirt.In our environment the greenhouse is being created because the light is reflecting off the coal rock which gets trapped inside which provides heat.…show more content…
4.DO NOT WRAP the plastic wrap around your face because you could sufacate. Procedures: 1.Get a tub 2. add 130 ml of dark gravel 3. add 140 ml of beach sand 4. add a chunk of coal. 5. add 170 ml of water 6. get some plastic wrap big enough to cover the top of the tub 7 tape the plastic wrap over the top of the tub 8. get 2 celsius thermometers. 9. put one of the thermometers on the rock and the other in the water/sand/gravel mix. 10. Wait 2 minutes and write the temperature down for the rock and the water/gravel/sand mix on a piece of paper. 11. Get a heat lamp and set it up so it is shining down on the environment. 12. Turn on the heat lamp and wait 2 minutes. 13. When the 2 minutes are over write down the temperatures for the rock and the sand/water/gravel mix. 14.Repeat step 13, 20 times. 15.Then see if it resembles the Greenhouse effect. Materials: 1 Heating Lamp, 1 tub, plastic wrap, Tape, 130ml Dark gravel, 140ml beach sand, 1 chunk of Coal, 170ml water. Results/Data: Temperatures of Biome Time (min) Coal (C) Sand/Water/gravel mix (C) 2 30 23 4 32 26 6 34 30 8 36 33 10 38 35 12 40 38 14 41 39 16 42 40 18 43 41 20 43 41 22 43 41 24 44 42 26 44 42 Mean: Coal: 39.23 Beach:36.23 Range:Coal:14 Beach:19 Analysis part 1: y axis vertical x axis is horizontal Analysis part 2: In the trials the coal had a

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