What Paul, The Apostle Of Jesus

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The purpose of this paper is to corroborate and to demonstrate what Paul, the apostle of Jesus stated in the 3rd chapter of 2 Timothy, verses 16-17, concerning Scripture as “God Breathed” and revealing its Divine and human nature.
This is a very significant and beneficial study for those who desire a better and more concrete understanding of Scripture and its authority and reliability, in order for an individual to gain complete faith in it as a prime source concerning spiritual guidance. It is vital to have a strong foundation of this truth, after all, a person’s salvation, their purpose, and their relationship with God is contingent on the inspiration of Scripture. The subject of Scripture being inspired is discussed quite a bit, yet, there are so many people who struggle when it comes to defining it, and they are quick to share their views that the Bible has errors and that it had been written by the will of men, and/or that only the original copies are considered as Scriptures. Additionally, many people feel that the Bible used during Paul’s time, is not the Bible which is in circulation today. It is very important for a person’s theology to be governed by Scripture and placed at the center of their lives so that they can gain the knowledge from the Bible that is needed to make right decisions in relation to what they believe and what they practice. This in turn will provide the discipline to submit to Scripture and be obedient to it. One should never rest on their
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