What People Can Really Do

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What People Can Really Do
For someone to say that they do not believe in the idea of global climate change is like saying that they do not believe in science. About 200 nations, including the United States, have all come to the conclusion that climate change is indeed a real and that we, human-beings, have become responsible for finding a solution to this precarious situation that we have put ourselves in. However, there is still a small population of people that believe that there is nothing we can do to forestall the destructive effects of global climate change. To retract the naysayers current idea, in his climate change address, Barack Obama talks about his plans to reduce America’s carbon emissions by at least 17 percent by 2020 and
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Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of GHG. That 's about 7 to 10 tons of GHG produced a year for a regular vehicle (“Reduce Climate Change” 1). Getting better gas mileage is a good thing because it means that people can get better miles per gallon without releasing as many carbon emissions. According to Barack Obama’s administration, they have approved regulations that will force automakers to nearly double the average gas mileage of all new cars and trucks they sell in America by 2025 (Krisher 1). This will make it so all automakers will produce vehicles that will be less detrimental to the environment and will help fend off the hazardous effects certain to come with climate change. Fuel efficient cars are considered advantageous because of their “smaller gasoline engine”, which release fewer pollution emissions (“Fuel Efficient Cars...” 1). A car that is considered fuel efficient does not consume a lot of gas and gives the best possible mileage. The less fuel consumed by the car, the less smoke that will come out of the exhaust. As a result, the damage done to the global atmosphere is less ruinous. Gases, like carbon dioxide are harmful to us as well as our environment. They aid in depleting our ozone layer, causing detrimental global climatic changes. Fuel-efficient cars will help in reducing pollution by at least 50%
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