What People Do On The Internet Most Of The Time?

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Think of what people do on the internet most of the time. They are either looking for some kind of entertainment, or information. They have a demand for some kind of service. Websites are the supply for this demand. However the time a person spends online is limited, so websites are competing for the eyeballs of those people. It is important to mention that your competitors are the websites who contain the same information as yours. So if you have a website about fly fishing for salmon, you are competing against other websites in the same niche. Online competitor analysis can help uncover why other sites are attracting more salmon loving fly fishermen, and how you can do the same. Competitor analysis is often overlooked, which is…show more content…
You can also find websites which might be happy to link to your site. This way you can acquire high quality links which Google loves. 5. Content marketing ideas This part of competitor analysis is huge. You can look at what type of content brings in the most links to your competitors. You can find out what people are linking to, what is popular. This tells you the demand for content, and what people want to see when they are searching for the keywords you want to optimize for. You can also see the type of content people like to consume in a given niche. Are your competiotors featuring text almost exclusively, or do they have a lot of video on their sites? How many views, likes do those videos have? Who produces the content on the site? Do they write themselves, or do they have assistant writers, freelancers producing content? Do they have a blog separately from or on the site? Can you create better content, which serves the users better than your competitors do? 6. Social media presence How active are they on social meda platforms? Which platforms are they present on? How many of their visitors come from various social media platforms? What strategies do they use? Do they handle their social presence themselves, or do they have assistants? How can you get better at social media to gain a following and become popular with the potential users of your site? 7. Paid online marketing services Do they use PPC services? If so, on what platforms?

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