What Policies Might An Organization Develop As Part Of Its Commitments Of Health And Safety?

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Activity 1
1) What policies might an organization develop as part of its commitments to health and safety?
It is important it have a written work Health and Safety Policy for the organizations and businesses which have management systems. The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 addresses Major Hazard Facilities in Regulation 558 and Schedule 17(1.2) and requires that the Safety Management System includes a Safety Policy, including the operator’s broad aims in relation to the safe operation of the major hazard facility, and that the safety policy must include and express commitment to ongoing improvement of all aspects of the safety management system. A Work Health and Safety Policy is an explicit statement of business commitment to work health and safety. It will include a statement outlining the importance which is placed on work health and safety and how it is to be implemented.
2) What information should be provided when communicating policies to workers?

Following information should be provided while communicating policies to workers:
• Resources which are identified and allocated to work health and safety.
• An overview of the objectives to be achieved with respect to work health and safety – these should be measured of pro-activity in work health and safety activities rather than injury rates.
• Purpose and scope of the policy, along with implementation and review dates and document control-identifying numbers.
• Specific Program Activities, for example:
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