What Preparations Do You Need for College

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Let us imagine there are two students. One of them does good preparations

for college life. The other is does not. Who will be good at adjusting to the college life?

Is it helpful for students to be exposed to the new environment? Of course, the

students who make good plans for college life in advance feel better. We can do

good preparations for college life by thinking about our majors, building a good

relationship with other people and being an independent person which are all

effective ways to get touch with college life closely. The purpose of Accumulating knowledge for many years is to find a most fascinating major for

you which you will work on in the future. As American 16th US President Lincoln

said“ I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.” Considering

about your field of study in the future is one of the essential preparations you should

make. Think about your interests and research the majors that revolve around or relate

to those interests somehow. (Kristin Ketterinqham, 2008) As a high school student,

research potential scholarly or career interests and find out the requirements for

college programs you may want to pursue. Begin seeking out experience related to

jobs you might want to do or subjects you want to study. (Scholarships, n.d.) If you

do not do that, you will experience a hard time while entering college and be

confused. Some people say that they do not do what they major in
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