What Program Will I Attend Or Certification Or Internship?

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1. What program will I attend or certification or internship will I aim to complete after UIW? (Minimum 150 words) Once I graduate from UIW with my Bachelors in Nutrition, I aim to begin an internship that will require 1200 hours. Before I graduate though, I will need to apply to several internship programs and hope one of them accepts me. Aside from that, I also plan to apply to take the CHES exam. If I pass that exam, I would be a Certified Nutrition Specialist. The only times that exam can be taken are in April and October. I want to try and take it this coming April before I graduate. Also, I want to apply to take the RD exam after I complete the internship program. I have also been thinking about when I should complete my Master’s. If I can find a dual program (Master’s/Internship) that will accept that me, then I will go through with that plan. But if for some reason I am only accepted for the internship program by itself, then I will get done with that first. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get to the end, but I feel that it will be worth it. 2. Describe the audience (age, gender, group or other) that you feel you would appreciate and enjoy working with the most. Explain using findings from our textbook, Health Care Interview, Career Assessment and personal preferences and experiences. (Minimum 150 words) I find myself not really worrying about which type of group I would prefer working with. When I think about helping children and teaching them how to eat
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