What Qualities, Skills, Talents, And Experiences Of A Good Health Care Practitioner?

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A. Career Choices
1. Describe the qualities, skills, talents, and experiences of a good health care practitioner. How do you exhibit them?

A physician must be well rounded in a variety of fields to provide effective care. First, an interest in learning scientific knowledge must be accompanied by the ability to translate that knowledge into methods of treatment. Because science is constantly changing and improving, a physician should be continuously expanding their scientific learning within and outside of their respective fields. Most of the coursework that I have taken reflects my interest in the intersection between biomedical science and its applications through an anthropological lens. For example, I have performed public
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One of my main responsibilities is to advise residents on personal and academic issues. Often times, residents will meet with me when they are having conflicts and need me to help settle the matter. While it was no doubt a bit awkward at first, I was soon able to navigate these conversations that allowed me to listen first before helping them reach a compromise that is in the best interest of all the residents involved. While I am far from a professional negotiator, I’ve acquired a newfound appreciation for what I previously saw as mundane arguments simply by being open-minded. Thus, providing care requires an ability to empathize with others.
Furthermore, being able to working in a team is also essential for a physician. Coordinating thoughts and actions with colleagues will create opportunities for collective thinking, pooled efforts, and constructive criticism to more efficiently provide care. This can be reflected through my role as president of the Muslim Students Association where I oversee an eleven-member executive board coordinating their actions to put on many events throughout the year.

2. How have you explored your commitment to a career in health care?

I hope to one day alter the lives of people around the world by pursuing an MD/MPH. However, that path was not always clear. My first exposure started in high school where I was a part of the Littleton Health Science Program which would equip me with
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