What Rank Are You Applying For?

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What rank are you applying for?

What is your age?
14 years old, Although it may seem young I can prove that I am quite mature.

Are you a Boy or Girl?
I am a boy.

What country do you live in?
I live in the United States. With an Eastern timezone

Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel? This is usually where I upload evidence as I was a staff member on Sarefine and helped out prime, I also use this channel for player reports so expect some videos on here. Id also like to try to start a staff series here on OPCraft but Im not 100% sure I will, since I have never made one.

Do you have a microphone/headset?
I have both a Microphone (which is kind of quiet but I may get a new one) and a perfectly good headset!

Why do you want this rank?
Id like to be a Helper on OPCraft so that I can really help make OPCraft a better place and lowering spam, over use of caps, and the amount of toxicity in chat. Id also like to get this rank so that id be able to be rid of Hackers, and making sure all players are playing legitimately and not using exploits or dupping. With this rank I would be able to put rule breakers to justice as I love to do. Finally Id like this rank so that I may be able to really help the community in as many ways as possible ranging from sitting in support rooms, moderating forums, and moderating chat. Simply I just really would like to help the community of OPCraft succeed and show how excellent this
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