What Rank Are You Applying For?

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What rank are you applying for?: Helper What is your age?: 15 Years Old Whats your IGN?: Skillux Are you a Boy or Girl?: Male What country do you live in?: Jordan Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvcYSUgK1LvynV2gX5_Q6hw Do you have a microphone/headset?: Yes (Both) Why do you want this rank?: I would love to be a staff member for many reasons. First of all, I have been a part of the OPCraft community for a long time now, so I would love to help out the community by being a staff member. Another reason I would love to become a staff member is that I have been a staff member before twice, so I would love to be a staff member again because of the amazing community of staff on OPCraft.…show more content…
I will also be answering all questions that players ask me (that are server related). One of the most important -if not the most important- job for me to do as a helper is to keep the chat clean, and I can assure you that I will do that very well. I can also assist the server through being active as a staff member, as I will dedicate every second i possibly could to the server. I will also be determined to do my job as a staff member correctly and efficiently, assisting the server. Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people: I would punish players doing the following: ________________________ - Spamming Chat Definition: It is when a player keeps on constantly typing the same message in chat to get other players ' attention. Punishment: Warn, Then the player will be tempmuted (each tempmute increases by 5 mins till it reaches 15 mins). As a Helper I would: Warn the player, then if he continues tempmute him for 5 mins, then if he continues for 10 mins, then if he continues for 15 mins. Commands: /warn [Player] Spam, /tempmute [Player] [5-15m] Spam ________________________ - Suspicious Links Definition: It is when a player posts links in-game that are not related to OPCraft, usually to get the IP adress of anyone who opens it. Punishment: Permanent Mute As a Helper I would: Mute, then take a screenshot and post it in support chat on skype. Commands: /mute [Player] Suspicious Links

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