What Rank Are You Applying For? Essay

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What rank are you applying for? Staff What is your age? 14 Are you a Boy or Girl? Boy What country do you live in? Australia Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel? I do but I use it to comment but I would be able to upload hackers to it if needed Do you have a microphone/headset? Yes, Sony ones Why do you want this rank? I want the rank because I want to help out OP Craft all I can and being a helper would let me do that. I would help OP Craft by trying to rid hackers and toxicity from the server which would overall make the environment more clean and enjoyable. Being a helper would be a great experience because I would be able to meet lots of new players on the server by helping them out when they don’t understand something and I could get to know the staff team as well. I would also like to approachable in the server so people can always ask me for help. If I did get helper I would be a reliable person in the server who will constantly strive to make OP craft a better place. How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank? I would assist OP Craft by keeping the environment positive by helping newer players along their adventure in the server. I would try and keep most toxicity out of the server by either punishing or reporting people who break the rules. I am on about 1-2 hours on school days and 3-7 hours on weekends so I can cover a large part of the day. By decreasing the amount of toxicity and increasing the amount of enjoyment the

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