What Rank Are You Applying For?

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What rank are you applying for? Help

What is your age? 17

Are you a Boy or Girl? I 'm a boy

What country do you live in? I live in Australia

Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwIN8eBP-33mkpvjKTRWQhg

Do you have a microphone/headset? i have a headset

Why do you want this rank? I want the moderator rank because I see ALOT off stuff the everyday player can 't help. If I had this rank I would be able to help Opcraft and the community much more. If I had this rank I would be able to help out ALOT more people that are frustrated with hackers. I am the type of person that when someone say HELP a hacker, I hate seeing hackers myself. It also saddens me when I see advertisers, spammers and extreme racism when no staff is on and I can 't do anything about it. Also I want to have this rank to free up high staff’s time and so that they can use their time for more important things. When I 'm on it seems like there usually is no staff on or, the second staff leaves players start spamming/becoming toxic.

How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank?
I think that the way i can assist is mainly impacting on banning and somewhat the community. How you may ask? Banning is self-explanatory (will explain in the next box). The community could be a struggle but i think i have what it takes to make things happy. In the community, people are being mad at their enemies and calling them weird things, that 's kinda normal with

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