What Really Caused the Recession in the United States in the 1980's

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What really caused the recession in the United States in the 1980s? There was a great economic decline in the late 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s where there was a decline in trade and industrial activity. The 1980s was not a good time for the United States because the Regan Administration during this period began a 30-year period of financial deregulation. When president Regan was elected into office he promised the Americans that he would bring to an end the supply- sides economics. He argued that economic growth in the United States would be created effectively by lowering barriers for people to supply goods and services, as well as, invest. Therefore, his first move after he entered into office was to deregulate banks and oil. For that reason, there was a sharp expansion in the financial sector because there was also an expansion in the banking industry. There was an increase in the number of investment banks that went public; hence, bringing a very huge sum of the stakeholder capital. This essay aims at looking at what caused factors led to the recession in the 1980s as the period saw many employees being arrested for financial fraud. The economy of the United States had gone through a tremendous change as even employees’ salaries had been increased by a 25 % increase even those who were not working for the investment banks (Ehrman, 143). The employees working for the investment banks saw a 150% increment in their salary (Cynamon, Steven & Mark, 67). The

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