What Really Goes on With Autism?

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Parenting is a feat all on it's own, but do most people ever stop to acknowledge the true difficulties underlying the day to day challenges of parenting a disabled child? For most of us, becoming a parent means making selfless sacrifices in order to make time and to simply grow up. Some aren't as lucky to get off that easily. Raising a child with a disability varies in difficulty, but regardless of the case, each parent is required to go above and beyond the average role. More education, more patience, and more attention are just a few of the "extra curricular" duties that go along with raising a disabled child. Unfortunately, the seemingly never ending list of additional responsibilities isn't necessarily the only obstacle for these parents. Certain medical conditions aren't covered by insurance companies due to lack of awareness or simply the state's disinterest in funding a non-profitable cause, leaving these families to fend for themselves.
Nikki Schochet is a phenomenal example of what one would ever hope to be as a parent, and then some. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about autism before her son, Brody, who was diagnosed at 15 months, she not only overcame the initial state of oblivion, but she went above and beyond by joining "Autism Votes" as the local co-chair. “I didn’t even know what the details were at first, but knew I wanted to be involved as much as possible so I agreed immediately”, Nikki explained. Because of the lack of state legislation for autism

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