What Really Happened to Alice in Wonderland

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What Really Happened In Wonderland... It was a bright, sunny day in the Red Queen’s rose garden when all of a sudden I heard my name being called. “WHERE IS THAT WHITE RABBIT?!” yelled the Queen. “Oh no”… I thought. I felt myself being pulled out of my hiding place from under the bushes. “There you are” the Red Queen scowled. “I need you to fetch me a girl named Alice and bring her back to me immediately” she said again. “Alice?” I managed to breathe out. “Yes” she said. “And I need her here before the sun sets, now go, be on your way” she yelled. I started hopping to the rabbit hole. When I reached the hole I jumped in and waited quite a long time to reach the other end. It was just around noon when I decided to go for a nice stroll around my abnormally big property. I came upon a tree that was very large and began climbing. “Alice!?” said my aunt Helen. “For Heaven’s sake what are you doing up in that tree?! That’s not lady like at all, get down from there!” I climbed back down to the ground and started walking again. After a while I stumbled upon a rabbit hole. I shrugged and attempted to keep walking when I noticed something had ahold of my foot. Then, I got pulled down to the ground and into the hole. I was so terrified I couldn’t speak. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw that the thing that dragged me down still had ahold of me and was…. white rabbit in a waist coat. I closed my eyes and reopened them, thinking what I saw was just an illusion but it wasn’t, the
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