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What “REALLY” happened to Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.? Patience Smith Intro to CJ System CJ101-02 Prof. Dan Bilodeau On June 22, 1930, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. was born to the infamous “Lucky Lindy” and his wife, Anne. When he was a mere 20 months old, he was kidnapped from his crib in the house where parents and staff were in the house beneath him. The kidnapping occurred from a second story window in a rainstorm where no one heard a thing! Here in lie the questions that we will discuss in this paper. The police suspected an inside job from the beginning. Whomever carried out the abduction knew the whereabouts of the nursery and the parent’s plans for the particular evening in questions. With the residence being in…show more content…
The New Jersey police became heavily involved in a battle over the jurisdiction of the case. Another questionable problem with the evidence was that the child was pinned into his crib so that he wouldn’t move at night and somehow, when the child was abducted, whomever took him, didn’t move the pins or even touch the pins to get him out of the bed. There were no fingerprints on the ladder, not even where the person that made the ladder would have left fingerprints, showing that everything had been wiped clean. Then there was the ransom note that was written with grave misspellings and horrible Germanic construction. The next question involved is with the courts, the adjudication, arraignment and the preliminary hearing. Throughout all of the investigations, they came down with one principle suspect. A Bronx carpenter by the name of Bruno Richard Hauptmann. He passed a $10 gold certificate at a gas station from the ransom money and this led to his subsequent arrest, trial and finally the death penalty. Ultimately, the police found about $14,000 or more of the ransom money at the suspect’s home. “In newspapers, the case appeared open-and-shut. Hauptmann had entered the United States as a stowaway, with a prison record in Germany for robberies.” ( With no fingerprints that linked Hauptmann to the crime, nothing but circumstantial evidence in the case and the handwriting expert said that

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