What Really Is Feminism?

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What really is Feminism? Feminism, what does this term mean? If googled, many sites will pop up claiming that feminism means the movement for the advancement of woman’s rights and opportunities. The term ‘feminist’ will, more than likely, show up as well. To be a feminist, if using the aforementioned definition of feminism, is technically to be a person, who is for the advancement of woman’s rights and opportunities. The Women’s March on Washington, was historically the largest coordinated protest ever. It was organized, led, and followed by feminists, and it spanned across the world: with protests in London, England; Sydney, Australia; and in cities all across the United States. This occurred on January 21st, 2017, the day after the…show more content…
All the aforementioned issues are now being fought by feminists. Their goal is to create a world where men and women have equal opportunity, in every aspect of life. Feminists believe the world is in disrepair, and direly needs to be rebuilt; Jaspan agrees, and had this to say on the subject, “Where and how do we begin to repair our crumbling society…” and, “While the extent of such a task seems daunting, attempting to rebuild local communities is not a bad start” (44). Many women that participated in the marches across the globe, believe that we live in a broken, unfair world. It seems that their goal, as explained by Jaspan, is to fix this issue from the ground up. Elizabeth Powers once described herself as a feminist, but she no longer does. In her article A Farewell to Feminism, she often states her dissatisfaction with feminism. In her very first paragraph she says this, “…and I shiver now when I observe the evolution that some of my closest friends from that era have undergone” (Powers 23). She says this in retrospect, because she now sees the issues in a new light due to the passing of time. Could this be analogous to what women may feel years from now, with the feminism movement of today? For example, how many women may look back on the Women’s March, and think they were idiotic for participating? This may be a stretch, but it is a question worth
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