What Relationship Is There Between Globalization and Global Environmental Change?

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What relationship is there between globalization and global environmental change? 1. Introduction The world has ushered in an era of rapid growth of economies and on-going process of global integration. It implies a growing degree of interdependence among economies and societies through cross country flows of capital, information, products, services, culture, technologies and labour (Panayotou 2000). There is no doubt that the globalization brings a lot of advantages. The global commercial market becomes so flexible due to the advent of globalization that transactions of international companies that are not restricted to geographical borders of the countries. It enhances free international trade among countries across the world,…show more content…
The coral reef off the shores of Dubai was destroyed during the dredging work, turtle nesting sites have been destroyed, natural currents rerouted and silt has muddied what were crystal-clear waters. (Hammond 2005) The demand of vehicles increased, that result in more carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions into the air. Since the industrial revolution, annual carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion dramatically increased from near zero to 29 Gt in 2007 (Panayotou 2000). A large number of animals are on the verge of extinction because humans want to eat them or need their fur to produce fashion products. New investment is created to please the office workers, thus plastic bags and plastic foam emerged as times required. Although those products facilitated human life, it is very harmful as a non-biodegradable product. When burnt plastic bags pungent smell due to release of toxic gases which pollute the air arising breathing problems. These bags when buried in the ground pollute the soil thereby affecting the plant growth. More than just such bad influence,there were some positive influence is also promoting the sustainable development and environmental protection. * Income increases, creating more resources for environmental protection.(Halle, Najam, and Runnalls) * Techniques change as technologies are able to extract more from nature but can also keep the
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