What Role Did British Colonisation Play On Developing Indian Cricket?

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: What role did British colonisation play in developing Indian cricket? The Imperial Officers of the British East End Trading Company introduced cricket to India through colonisation in the 18th century. The British considered cricket to be more than just a sport. They regarded it as a ‘gentlemen’s game’ that embodied key values of English Victorian Society, such as, sportsmanship, strength, good temperament and polite conversation. The British, therefore, had ulterior motives for introducing cricket into India. That is, cricket became a symbol of racial and social superiority and was used by the British Imperial Officers as a tool to spread civilised values to the uncivilised Indians. Initially cricket was only introduced to Indian aristocracy so they could be regarded as racial equals to the British. However, some of the richest and most ambitious men from the Parsi and Hindu business communities in Bombay, and princely rulers elsewhere in India, also wanted to have the same ‘prestige’ that the British attached to the game of cricket, so they taught themselves by watching the British play cricket (Bagehot, 2014). Cricket, therefore spread throughout India and became a game of the Indian ‘elite’. The first cricket club was founded in 1792 in Calcutta. However, the Calcutta Cricket Club was restricted to European members only (ESPN Sports Media, 2014). Five years later, Bombay hosted its first cricket match and it was here that Indians first began to play

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