What Role Did Civil Wars Play On The Deterioration And Eventual Death Of The Roman Republic?

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The investigation and the goal of this research project is to answer the question; what role did civil wars play in the deterioration and eventual death of the Roman Republic? It is relevant because it shows the transition of government. The issues that are going to be addressed highlight the political unrest in the Roman Republic and the corruption of different leaders that were one in many reasons why the Republic became an Empire. This research will focus on the time period of 100 to 25 BC and the places investigated will include Rome and the areas they conquered. This will be studied and accomplished through an examination of Julius Cesar’s reign and the civil wars that took place in this time period mentioned in The Roman Republic by…show more content…
The limitations, this book was published in 1966. New studies have found more research on these early time periods which affects the accuracy and validity of this current generation while reading and extracting information from the book. Other limitations included vague amounts of research on certain battles that Julius Caesar led, in surrounding areas of the Republic. This lack of information makes it difficult for the reader to gain good understanding of Julius Caesar’s whereabouts before his conflict with political leaders in Rome.

The second secondary source, reveals the personal life, conquests, fails, and facts of Julius Caesar, the eventual dictator of the Roman Republic. The origin of this text is San Diego, California, by Don Nardo in 1999. The purpose of this text is to educate the reader and the audience about Julius Caesar, the ruthless and cunning leader that shaped the Roman Republic forever. The value of the source is that reveals many unknown pieces of information about Julius Caesar and really highlights his influence on the transition of government. Without Julius Caesar, there may have never been such internal conflict in the republic. The Senate wouldn’t have fled to the rest of Italy, politicians like Pompey never would have been defeated, and there would have been time before a leader declared themselves as a dictator. The book is very useful because it presents unbiased and clear information about Julius
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