What Role Did Violence And Warfare Play During The Origins And The Rise Of Islam

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First of all, we are talking about what role did violence and warfare play in the origins and the rise of Islam. Since the 1950s, Western countries led by the committee to allow the establishment of Islamic mullahs called on the community of believers. Freed from the oppression of Islam out of the only parts of the land has old Yugoslavia and modern Israel.
The real windfall rooted in Islamic fundamentalism and religious revivalism, part of the Muslim Arab countries because the current situation for dissatisfaction, therefore advocates reply to doctrine, and everything in the Koran Mohamed ancient code of conduct during the implementation of Church and State unity. Happened at this moment, the Yankees came out to intervene, and not to that point for the oil it? Completely intensified internal contradictions of the Arab people, while approaching rose to international conflicts, it produced extreme violence you say Islam. In fact, any religion are more or less have some violent tendencies such as the Christian Crusades, ah, just because the bourgeoisie established a dominant position in Europe the rights of religious restrictions are tight, plus the religion itself also had a reform, as it is not so prominent. But if you kill the Pope, mad followers of the same will take you to shreds. The key point is that Christianity and other religions have reform, so in order to catch up with the trend of the times, while some Muslims not only to pursue reform, but like back in the

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