What Role Did the American Media Play in the Vietnam War

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Introduction: The American media is a vital resource for coverage on national and international affairs. They keep the public informed and report on matters that the United States is involved in so the American people can form their own views and opinions on them. Notably the media simply cannot report on every event that involves America so, they also have the job of picking and choosing between what is most important and what is newsworthy, alongside the task of reporting news reports that will produce high enough ratings to keep their news station up and running. All American media outlets face these challenges; whether it is television media, newspaper media, or radio media. Both the American media and the American people need each…show more content…
Sometimes they would be permitted to ride with the American troops during patrol on the helicopters, use post exchange facilities, or even access, at a reduced price, to remote areas around Vietnam. News Outrage and Anti-War The Vietnam War sparked a lot of criticism from the media. Presidents, politicians, and other government officials could not escape the wrath of the media. Some of the biggest critics of the war and government personnel were The New York Times and The Washington Post. Many politicians were outraged at the claims and allegations of the press, but few efforts were made to suppress the media's reports for fear of a violation of their first amendment rights. Many Americans began making antiwar protest to get the troops out of Vietnam. The Vietnam Antiwar movement primarily began in small numbers, but after the United States began attack on The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong in 1965, protest quickly spread all across America (History.com staff). Young people were among some of the largest protestors of the war. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a small society of college
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