What Role Do Relationships Play in Developing Positive Learning Environments?

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What role do relationships play in developing positive learning environments? Relationships play a very influential role in the development of a positive learning environment, as the relationship between the child’s immediate environment and settings all need to co-exist and work collaborative together, to form a positive learning environment. Relationships need to be formed, as it provides for the child with consistent support and can assist the child to develop skills and understandings they need to interact positively in their environment. (EYLF, 2009) Working together the child’s environment and settings explore the learning potential for the child and provide daily opportunities to learn from a supportive, flexible and fun environment…show more content…
(EYLF, 2009) Both these outcomes heavily reinstate that without relationships these learning outcomes would not be possible. Urie Bronfenbrenner believes that environmental factors are important influences on our development. Ecological systems theory views the child as developing within a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the surrounding environment. (Berk, 2009) Bronfenbrenner understood the effects of relationships and their environments, he believed that relationships are bidirectional. (Berk, 2009) If a child has a calm and content attitude, then their parents are going to evoke the same attitudes as well. However if a child is irritable or disruptive, then it is more likely that the parents will evoke impatience and punishment attitudes. Like the socio-cultural theory, Bronfenbrenner’s theory recognises the importance of everyone and everything having a relationship. Parent-child interaction at home is likely to affect teacher-child interaction in the child care setting, and vice versa. (Berk, 2009) Each relationship is more likely to support development and learning when there are links and a strong relationship between home and child care. The ecological system theory clearly shows the relationships that the child has, however it also shows the importance of having a positive learning environment, as the relationships a child have a huge impact on
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