What Role Does Elizabeth Play In A Small Town

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In a small town, there's a girl named Elizabeth, who is kind, helpful, and caring for others. She has long blond hair, and blue eyes. Elizabeth was born with a special power, that only she has. She can tell if something is wrong, and if something bad or good will happen in the future. Elizabeth is sensitive to bad things happening to people, so when she sees something that she doesn't like, she takes action on it right away. One day Elizabeth was walking home from school, when the governor stopped her. ̈Elizabeth, I have a very special job for you. ̈ he continued, ̈The people of Cuba need your help. You see, a hurricane hit their town just last week, and I feel like you're the right person to help them. ̈ Elizabeth took all this into consideration,…show more content…
̈I think this will be a fantastic thing for me ̈, Elizabeth stated. She went on, ̈I can help people, experience new things, and meet new people ̈. Elizabeth could see her mom had a smile on her face, and the same for her dad. ̈Alright Elizabeth, you can go to Cuba! ̈ Elizabeth was so happy she couldn ́t contain her excitement, she went packing right away. Soon enough, Friday came along, and Elizabeth went on her way to the governor's office. ̈Elizabeth! Glad you came, come in. ̈ She sat on a big, rounded red chair and their talking began. He gave her many directions, and finally, he gave her a wand. This was not just any wand, it had a purpose, to stop the storm. ̈Alright, Elizabeth, I think it's time for you to go now. Do good for the people of Cuba, and I ́ll see you when you return, I hope ̈ After a long day, Elizabeth arrived in Cuba, and she did not like what she saw. Houses destroyed, trees and telephone poles knocked to the ground, and worst of all, homeless people. In addition to that, she saw people living in poverty, bacteria, trash everywhere. She knew at that point the people of Cuba needed her. Right at that moment, she had a vision. It was about a big storm coming soon, and more things being destroyed. She panicked, and then told everyone she saw
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