What Role Does Fear Play In National Security

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Look next to yourself. To those you don’t know, to those you may never remember; do you feel scared? When you parked nearby, while you found your seats, were you afraid? I want that to sink in while I continue. Think back to this morning, cycle through your day thus far—how did fear play into it, if at all? You can thank national security for that, which, by definition, is a collective term for the defense and foreign relations of a country, protecting the interests of said country. It’s a term you hear far too often on every news station and radio channel. We don’t stop to intake gravity of the term—national security—security of the entire nation. It’s no simple task; it's valued immeasurable. To compare it to anything would be futile, at best—our peace of…show more content…
Among that figure, just under 8,000 were wanted for heinous crimes, including murder, rape, assault and robbery. Another branch of our national security at work. We can all recall September 11th of 2001; from the turmoil of that day, the Department of Homeland Security was created. We all wish it had been done sooner. Stemming from their integration into our system of national security, they have implemented laws and regulations on state and federal levels, and while some were massively unpopular amongst the citizens of whom is affected, we can look at something in perspective: there isn’t another terrorist attack in our recent history that stands out in our minds. Scan your memory; nothing quite so monumental has incurred since. The world is ever changing. New methods of attack arise, ways that we aren’t even publicly aware of, and with those, new lines of defense require proverbial construction in record time. If a potential enemy gains the upper hand, their threats will be thwarted due to the attempts of those responsible with the task of ensuring our constant peace of
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