What Role Does Gender Play In The Bosnian Civil War?

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Introduction & Roadmap
Eleanor Roosevelt and countless scholars have observed that international politics is a man’s world (Tickner, 1992). It is a world inhabited by diplomats, soldiers and international civil servants most of whom are men. An important function of Feminist theory is that it helps to explain women’s subordination that exists in varying degrees in society (Tickner, 1992). Gender is denied as an issue in international politics because it has addressed through as system of anarchy and patriarchy (Steans, 1998). Realists when analyzing global conflict assume that the global system via concepts of security should be understood as ungendered and universal (Batnic, 2001). International relations theory is grounded in realist assumptions that regards the position of women as neutral, however international
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Gender bias in global relations is a more complex issue than the use of male identified roles in influential positions. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how the Bosnian Civil War became a global conflict from a feminist perspective. The Bosnian civil war is considered to be one of the worst atrocities that Europe has faced since World War II. During the early 1990s a number of ethnic and territorial conflicts occurred in the former Yugoslavia eventually leading to the dismantling. International media coverage of the war portrayed the issue as dominantly gendered that produced an empathetic response globally. This paper argues from a feminist perspective that gender norms were employed in the media coverage of the Bosnian civil war to make it an issue of the United States. through ideas of western feminism and demonizing Serbian men. To advance this argument I divided this paper into three parts. The first part is explaining the Bosnian war conflict and why it began. The second part shows how and why the civil war became a global conflict. The third part explains how the conflict was resolved and other alternative to
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