What Role Does Philosophy Have in My Life?

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What Role Does Philosophy Have in my Life? In many circumstances individuals consider Philosophy to be a very abstract field, but what exactly is Philosophy? Philosophy studies the basic nature of existence, of man, and of man's relationship to existence. What we must question is, would one be better off with or with out Philosophy? I consider that one should live a life with Philosophy. Philosophy consists of questioning man’s relationship to existence; if man does not question existence, are we just living through the notions of life? As humans we feel the need to believe in something and search for understanding. The consideration of Philosophy opened a new realm of questions. The fields of Metaphysics and Epistemology were derived…show more content…
Imagine a life without questions, the search for the truth. We could all go about life, oblivious to the world around us, being lied to, deceived, and wronged, without even knowing. Although sometimes it is better to let a situation play out how it was suppose to, instead of trying to change what was already going to happen, it is complicated to just sit back, and ignore the fact that you could have altered the outcome. Now what I must consider is what kind of philosophical theory would I use to determine my actions? Virtue ethics clearly describes what I believe is the right way of living. What kind of person I ought to be? We should not only consider our desires, but try and seek the happiness of others through their needs as well. Although we want to show our virtues, at times it is difficult to completely stop ourselves from acting upon our urges. Hence, there are two different kinds of virtues. The reasoning abilities, when we study nature or think about something, it is to be intellectually virtuous. We also use our rational ability by reducing our impulses, which would be considered morally virtuous. Another theory I live by is the universal law. If something that is done can be considered wrong to one person, then it would be wrong for anyone else, at any time. One should not be bias to a situation only because it is relevant to the outcome they are looking for. Although it is difficult to keep an unbiased decision, it could
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