What Role Does Procedural Memory Play In My Life

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Before taking this class, I was aware that our minds play an important role in how we live our lives, but I did not know the extent to which it influences even the smallest details of everyday functioning. For example, picking up habits from my role models is actually a detailed learning method called observational learning. It surprised me that there are names and common patterns associated with one’s identity status, and types of stress with different causes. I also became aware of an example of how procedural memory guides my everyday activities, and I realized how lost I would be without that function. Clearly, psychology has many small, but collectively large, impacts on the everyday functions of myself and others.
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Indeed, one of the main themes of my stage of life is the search for identity. The psychologist James Marcia noted four separate identity statuses which include identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, and identity achievement. If one is in a state of identity diffusion, they have no idea of their place in the world. If one is in identity foreclosure, they have decided their role in life without considering other options beforehand. A majority of those in a state of foreclosure are following in the footsteps of their family. Another identity status, identity moratorium, has one searching for potential identities, but refusing to make a commitment before weighing all the options. Finally, identity achievement is a state in which one has found their desired identity after much consideration (Weiten, 343-344). With the constant pressure to choose a college and a career before time runs out, the topic of identity is quite relevant to me. From third grade to ninth grade, I was a classic case of identity foreclosure. I had formulated a specific plan for after high school: I would go to Humboldt State University and get my Bachelor of Science in zoology. Then I would get a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State and move back home to start a private veterinary practice. This was my plan, and I was reluctant…show more content…
Thankfully, almost all of my stress is a result of minor things, but I can still determine common patterns of stress types, and I have a personal example for all of the main stress categories. The first type of stress is frustration, which can be described as wanting something, but being unable to attain it. I may experience this type of stress in a minor way every day. All I want after school is to go home and have a glass of chocolate milk and some bread. I look forward to this moment all day at school, but when the bell finally rings, I always seem to have some sort of meeting, task, or long conversation that is determined to keep me away from my snack, and my happiness is delayed one more day. The upside to this setback is that, when I finally do get a glass of chocolate milk and some bread, it will taste very good as a result of all the waiting. The second form of stress is conflict, in which one must decide between two things that cannot coexist. An example of this that occurs in my life is the choice between a good night’s sleep or a lot of studying. Both will have positive effects and negative effects. The third stressor is change, that is, any life event that alters the normal routine. In the beginning of the year, my family and I experienced change with the addition of a foreign exchange student. Adding a mature family member can cause a lot of
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