What Role Does Technology Play In The Surgical Field Study

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Technologies Role in the Surgical Field

Surgery today is a field of study that relays on technology greatly. Whether it's a simple appendectomy, or a 16 hour open heart surgery, Surgeons have to work with technology. Technology has made surgery easier, post op healing faster, and patient care more convenient for both doctors and patients. These listed results have pushed scientist to continue to experiment and push through barriers to increase and further technolgies role in surgical medicine.

One thing surgeons can do now that will make surgeries easier is get a view of inside, before even going inside. With technical equipment such as an otoscope, endoscope, ultrasound, x-ray, and Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI for short, surgeons can plan before they cut. This makes surgery easier and faster because surgeons go in knowing what, where, and how to do the procedure. Another technological advancement in medicine that insured easier and quicker surgeries is the Hemostatic scalpel. This scalpel is different from any other sharp object because the tips are heated. This heat allows the surgeons to slow or stop bleeding as they cut, thus allowing for a clear …show more content…

With digital patient files, patients are able to view results online without coming to the doctors office. The same goes for doctors, instead of waiting for mailed patient history or results, doctors can easily access a patient history. This is significant for surgeons because a lot of patients have previously done procedures that the surgeon must be aware of. Also, a long medical history can be hard for a patient to remember so the digital file really saves the surgeon a lot of time. Another upside to digital patient files is that the secure networks would not allow people to steal confidential medical information that could otherwise be stolen physically. This keep patients secure and doctors legally

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