What Role Has Human Activity Played in Causing Climate Change?

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The change in global climate is the most powerful problem that currently occurs on the earth. The problems of climate change may be caused by both of human activities and natural events. Climate change is the changes that affect the world’s weather, including shifts in temperature, ocean level, land, and precipitation. The climate change phenomenon can affect everything in the world not only natural environment, but also human society, and the world economy. This essay aims to evaluate the role of human actions that have caused the climate change. The first part of this essay will talk about the possible causes of climate change, and the second part will discuss the role of human activity, which is cause the climate change.

The factors
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Maslin (2007) points out that Global Warming is caused by the massive increase in greenhouse gases, especially, carbon dioxide that were emitted to the atmosphere. Additionally, human activities are also causing the climate change and greenhouse gases level. Examples of such human activities are burning of coal, exhaust gas emission, deforestation and other agricultural and industrial practices. These activities are altering the atmospheric balance and contributing to climate change (United Nation Environment Programme, 2006). To produce energy by burned coal, oil, and natural gas are produced carbon dioxide, which can affect atmosphere at the same time. People used that energy for transportation, manufacturing, electricity production, and other applications. People in almost every country usually took advantage by using landscape for agriculture, farming, and logging. For example of deforestation in Thailand, when farmers need to plant crops, they choose to burn the old plant instead of dig them out, so it can lead to carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, industrial practices are actions of human, which interest only profitable, and amenity but they did not care about consequence in the future.

In conclusion, the climate change events such as the greenhouse effect and global warming are caused by both of changing in natural
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