What Role Should Six Sigma Play in Corporate Strategy?

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Q3. What role should six sigma play in corporate strategy?

Six sigma is a methodology and describes the process of;

Define – Measure – Analyse – Improve- Control

This process means that Six sigma has to be kept in mind from the identification of needs and objectives all the way through to when the objectives are met and need to be sustained. When Six sigma is implemented within 3M, different objectives will be set with six sigma and the reduction of waste in mind. These objectives are usually linked to specific business processes which have been prioritised for specific reasons such as value to the business or resources required. Once these objectives have been set, Six sigma shapes the plan or strategy of how these objectives can be
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Although primarily the job of the black belt, in some instances, HR may have to intervene when conflict or a breakdown in communication within a project team arises. They may try and resolve such issues by supporting the black belt in conflict management through training or advice, dealing with difficult team members directly, sometimes providing resources for the team. HR have to deal with such issues as quickly and effectively as possible in order to allow the project team to continue working towards their goals with as little disruption as possible.

Other situations that will affect HR from the deployment of Six sigma are;

• Establishing communication links for new project teams both internally and externally

• Updating the organisation on the progress of the Six sigma programme and communicating it in a way which will be embraced and accepted by employees especially when also trying to change the organisation’s culture as a result of Six sigma.

• Key HR employees may be used as members of a project team which can increase workloads for the rest of the department.

Q.5 How will Six sigma affect innovative culture at 3M and is Six sigma enough?

Innovation is the cause of an ongoing debate regarding Six sigma. Many people believe that Six sigma focuses too much on reducing waste and defects leading to a lack of emphasis on creativity. By the very nature of it, innovation normally involves variation, failure and
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