What Security Manager Can Do For Prevent White Collar Crime?

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3 Essay [Student?s Name] [Name of Institute] [Date] Essay What Security Manager can do to Prevent White-Collar Crime? Introduction The variety, breadth and complexity of the information systems acquire, required or available to the contemporary organizations today, along with the ever-changing dynamics observed in the information, communications and technology have led to the major changes in organizations, markets and broadly in society. Some of them are changes that in addition to its undeniable advantages have simultaneously brought threats, risks and spectra of uncertainty for individuals and organizations, on the stages of internet, intranet, technology development, information management and communication. One of the most serious negative manifestations is the emergence of new kinds of white-collar crimes. The advancement of computer technology and its influence on almost all areas of social and business life have emerged illicit behaviour called generically computer crimes, which have opened a wide range of risks and also study and research in disciplines legal and technical, but especially in those associated with security management. Hence, in order to explore possible solutions or ways of preventing white-collar crimes through security management, it?s highly important to understand the context and consequences of cybercrime and applicable regulations and security strategies, in contemporary business and social environment. The aim of this essay is to
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