What Sets The Successful Companies Apart From The Unsuccessful Companies?

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PEWAUKEE SCHOOL DISTRICT (PSD). Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient 2013 (Education Category) 1. What sets the successful companies apart from the unsuccessful companies? Answer: Three main characteristics of the winner have succeeded as a successful company they are: i. They mainly concentrate on value rather putting their thoughts on long term goals, that means they always concentrate in reduction of the costs in a strategic context and with a reasonable spotlight on their core. ii. They misuse opportunities one of a kind to the downturn, which can mean anything from utilizing misfortune to increase new clients to squeezing forward with advancement. iii. They act quickly, with a spryness that allows them to keep pace with, or development of, speedy changes in the business environment. Successful companies always put their eye on the growth of the organization and they will try to keep the customers as they don’t need to lose their valuable customers. So they will move on from their comfort zones and thrive hard towards their growth in the competitive world. They always show their commitment towards the innovation that helps in being a part of the successful company. (Berman, 2009). 2. Are the successful companies more agile in the marketplace? Answer: Yes, successful companies are agile in the markets because being agile is to making themselves adaptable, managing, and trying to keep them up to the mark towards the customer’s needs and the technology.

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