What Should Barton And Gordon Do About The Ivan Korsky Problem?

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What should Barton and Gordon do about the Ivan Korsky problem? Ivan Korsky presents a ubiquitous problem in talent and skill management. Korsky is a valuable employee, has a wide array of talent and skills that are unique and invaluable. The on-going Alpha 3 project was allocated to him because of his capabilities. However, he has not been focusing on the project because of his “pet project.” The Alpha 3 project is required to reach its deadline in order to revive and sustain customer confidence in the organization. Therefore, it is imperative that Barton and Gordon have an extensive discussion with Ivan and explain to him the implications of his private activities. They should explain to him that he is a valued employee to the organization and key to the Alpha 3 project. Ivan’s abilities grant him a certain degree of luxury, however he should not take advantage of this to deviate from crucial activities at the workplace. He should therefore place his primary focus on the effective and efficient completion of Alpha 3. How might IT managers best measure and compare the output of diverse employees? Do you think this measurement should impact the kind of “deal” (contract) that IVK makes with talented employees such as Korsky? Managers should use a standard scale to evaluate performance of their team members. It is imperative that the assessment is complete and reflects all areas of measurement required by the job. The most common types of metrics is listed below: • Quality

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