What Should I Wear Today?

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A question, also referred to as an inquiry or a query, can be defined as a spoken or insinuated request for information, and the observant passerby can find such requests everywhere. Even the person who appears to have everything put together finds themselves forced to daily ask hundreds of questions such as “What should I wear today?” “How much longer can I sleep in and still make it to work on time?” and “Is this investment worth its cost?” Below these rather trivial surface questions, however, drift deeper thoughts; thoughts that make the atheistic mind shudder and hastily shove them away, and render the naturalist ashamed of his inability to answer them adequately. Indeed, nothing on earth can ever answer them fully, for only the God who holds the answers to everything can satisfy our curiosity and longing for identity. Three questions can adequately summarize this tumultuous sea of questions – Who am I? Why am I here? And where am I going? Beneath layers of confidence and intelligent replies, each individual has these three question rooted inside them, and these pesky words send us all on a quest for answers that we stumble blindly. The world can attempt to provide an answer for weary wanderers, but it will always fall massively short next to the rich and marvelous answer that our Lord provides for all who seek an answer.

The first question that burrows through the well-ordered structure of our lives, weakening and dislocating all the assumptions that we thought we
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