What Should Students Do As They Enter The Classroom

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. Will you assign seats or allow students to sit were they wish to sit? I will assign seats for my students because it maximizes learning and classroom management. I will have be able to place students with exceptionalities closer to the front of the room and situate students that will work best in pairs closer together. Additionally, separating students that may cause behavioral problems if seated together will prevent events requiring discipline. 2. What should students do as they enter your classroom? I will have a procedure established where all of my students should look at the front of the class and read the instructions posted on the Smart board when they enter my classroom. They will go immediately to their seat and start the assignment. I will always have a "warm-up" ready for my class to work on individually so that they always have structure and something to do as soon as they enter my classroom. By having an opening assignment posted as soon as the students enter the classroom, it provides structure and consistency for them. It allows students to start learning and makes use of every minute of classroom time. 3. Where will you write your agenda and what will your agenda consist of? I will write my agenda and display it on the Smart board at the front of the room so that all of my students can…show more content…
I will instruct the students to remain in their seats until I dismiss them because I do not want them out of their seats until I am ready to end class. The procedures will include picking up any trash that they see prior to leaving the classroom, and ensuring all areas are neat and tidy. Additionally, I will have a procedure for them to remember their books or materials they will need to complete their homework assignment, if any. The students will know that I dismiss the class, not the
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