What Should Target And Target Wallet

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What should Target do?( Jack ) Target has built a well-known reputation for one stop shopping. However, it’s home goods section accounts for the smallest percentage of the Target’s sales, 17%, in 2013 (2013 Annual Report). This shows that Target has an established customer base in this section, but it can definitely expand its reach. CIA Consulting proposes the Target Wallet as a way to improve Target’s sale throughout all sections, especially in home goods. This chart shows the sales by product category in 2013 for Target. Target Wallet aims to achieve three key objectives: Make guests more loyal. Make guests safer. Make guests save more. In order to make guests more loyal, Target Wallet will provide an easier way for guests to shop. It will give guests a way to earn rewards just for shopping in different sections. Once they set up an account, members of the Target Wallet can follow their progress online or through the Target Wallet app. They can track the amount of money they have spent in the home goods section, what level of rewards they are in, and what discounts or perks they can take advantage of in the home goods section specifically. In order to make guests safer, Target Wallet will provide an option to not have your bank account directly tied to your account. Instead, you can put in a certain amount of cash into your account in order to not put your
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