What Situations Do You Believe Intervention Should Be Mandated? Voluntary?

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7. In what situations do you believe intervention should be mandated? Voluntary? This student believes that intervention should be mandated if the conflict or situation at hand rises to a level which could lead to physical and sometimes irreparable harm of one of the involved parties. A mandated intervention in this situation can be used to redirect negative communication and negative goals in an effort to restore a level of positive conflict resolution. In this student’s opinion an Organizational Intervention should be mandatory if company is bought out or merges with another organization. This student believes so because this type of situation brings about a high degree of stress and creates uncertainty for the future. If there is a layoff as a result of a merger then an Organizational Intervention will help to reassure the remaining employees that the company will continue move forward and thrive. In essence the intervention provides the hope that the team so desperately need. If an organization mandates intervention during this situation then it will benefit from the results of satisfied employees during a time when the company could be vulnerable. Organizational Development Interventions (n.d.) states that Organizational Interventions can help to build a team due to one of the following situations Organizational Interventions Situation Type of Organizational Intervention • A merger • An organizational restructure • A new team or project team • New

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