What Social Justice Issues Are You Most Passionate About And Why?

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What social justice issues are you most passionate about and why? I am most passionate about intersectional activism addressing gendered racism against women of color. As a lower class, Ethiopian immigrant, black woman and a first generation college student, I live the injustice I seek to remedy. Intersectionality is a cornerstone of inclusive policy, yet there has been a systemic erasure of women of color in feminism throughout history, and systemic silencing of women in racial politics. As a Global Health student, I am passionate about the mental and physical health of women of color. My research argues racial, gendered, and economic oppression can directly cause mental illness, such as depression, among women of color. And yet, there remain vast health disparities among communities of color due to the prevalence of inadequate treatment facilities, health insurance programs, and health resources due to food deserts and poor infrastructure. Subsequently, there have been studies on the institutional inadequacies of mental health treatment in diagnosing and treating women of color, due to internalized gendered racism and inadequate professional training. Furthermore, the economic toll on poor women of color can be sever without proper insurance, and the risk of job loss due to mental illness discourage patients from seeking treatment. These conditions sustain health disparities among women of color, especially poor and queer women of color. Why are reproductive rights
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