What Sports To Do In High School

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Decisions, Decisions.
(An event that inspired me to pursue something I love.)

Middle school, a trying time that helps develop the type of young adolescent a person will be during their high school career. A confined space filled with prepubescent children can be difficult to deal with for an entire school year, especially if you are one of them. One problem faced is what sports to do? For middle school girls there is a great variety of activities to join: volleyball, basketball, swimming, wrestling, and track. Today they have added even more, including soccer and cheerleading. There are four sport seasons in middle school and three in high school, this provides a problem; which sport are middle school girls going to cut in high school. I was faced with this problem for the high school fall sport season and torn between swimming and volleyball. As I was preparing for my last middle school season, it seemed like all I ever heard was, “What are you going to do in high school?” My answer would always be, “I haven't decided yet.” However, there was a singular defining moment
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Sure, I don't do well under pressure and sometimes I get super frustrated when my swim times don't reach my expectations, but swimming has taught me so much. I learned to succeed on my own and accept the blame that comes with failure since swimming is an individual sport. Also to support my teammates even though it is an individual sport. So much of our success has come from believing in each other. We won conference swimming two years in a row now, a first for Worland, and came in second at state, our highest finish ever. Finally, I don't think I would've developed the friendships I have now if I didn't swim. It forced me to branch out and learn to make new friends since most of my original group did volleyball. Truly, middle school influenced the course of my life
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