What Steps Have You Taken For Address Their Needs?

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• What steps have you taken to address their needs? What further interventions do you plan to put in place? The students who exceed the test moved on to the next unit. The students who met simply corrected their mistakes and they had the opportunity to chat with me about their corrections. The one student who scored and AP will get intervention during specials or in morning meeting. The students will record their score in their leadership binder and present them in the student lead conferences in December. 4. Paste your student achievement data into the space below. If you wish, you may also attach it as a separate document. o Blue = E o Red= M o Green= AP o White =Not tested Angel C 24/24 (E) Carisma 20/24 (M) Alexandra 21/24 (M)…show more content…
The pie chart provided is similar to the table. The pie chart shows the percentage of students who exceeded, met and approached. It is also color-coded and above the percentage it shows and E and M or an A. The class did great in this unit assessment. As you can see in the pic chart 59% of the students exceeded and 35% of the students met. If you combine the two that gives you a total of a 94%, which is more than what my learning goal was. My learning goal was for 80% of the student to achieve 80% of mastery on this assessment. However, one student needs to be tested but due to him being in the hospital it will not be possible to get that score in. In addition to all this information, I did not collect any additional scores from exit tickets because it was for their benefit to see and I saw that they achieved what was taught when stamping them individually. 5. Thinking back / Looking forward: Identify the TAP indicator in which you feel you have made the most GROWTH between the beginning of the school year and now • Tap Indicator: Teacher Content Knowledge • What evidence shows you that you have grown in this competency? The evidence that indicates that I’ve grown in this area are the scores on my second PA. At the beginning of the year my site coordinator gave me a score of a two in this area, note this was my first PA. The second time around I scored a 4 in the
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