What Steps Have You Taken For Address Their Needs?

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• What steps have you taken to address their needs? What further interventions do you plan to put in place?
The students who exceed the test moved on to the next unit. The students who met simply corrected their mistakes and they had the opportunity to chat with me about their corrections. The one student who scored and AP will get intervention during specials or in morning meeting. The students will record their score in their leadership binder and present them in the student lead conferences in December.
4. Paste your student achievement data into the space below. If you wish, you may also attach it as a separate document. o Blue = E o Red= M o Green= AP o White =Not tested
Angel C 24/24 (E)
Carisma 20/24 (M)
Alexandra 21/24 (M)
Roman 23/24 (E)
Luz 24/24 (E)
Yandel 24/24 (E) Sierriana 24/24 (E)
Monique 22/24 (M)
Jasmin 24/24 (E)
Desiree 24/24 (E)
Crystabel 22/24 (M)
Veronica 24/24 (E)
Javier 22/24 (M)
Matthew 19/24 (AP)
Erick 20/24 (M)
Kenny 24/24 (E)
Camila 23/24 (E)

Please explain the meaning of the data as well. In the first table I provided, I indicate the students name, the score they got out of 24, next to the score they either an E for exceeds, an M for meets, an AP that’s stands for approaches or it is left blank for a student who has not yet taken the unit assessment. I decided to color code the table because its visually easier to see the students who exceeded, met and approached. The blue color indicates the students who exceeded on the unit…
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