What Steroids Can Do To Your Body

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A bloodcurdling feeling spreads throughout the arena, a smell so menacing that even the men inside the ring don’t know what will happen next. The roars of men are zipping through the air as bodies are torn limb from limb. Grotesque as this image may be only a few hundred years ago were people competing in stadiums adorned by thousands of viewers. Competition has always been a part of human nature, ever since the first man put his foot onto this planet the race has been on. Certainly competition has changed as years have gone by. First we competed for food on a daily basis, competition was needed in order to just make it through the day, as many years began to pass competition began to turn into daze in which people could watch others fight for their lives fighting against creatures from other parts of the world unknown to their own. Today, we no longer face the life or death bouts over a single meal. The sense of competition has not dulled, yet it has been moved from a daily survival to more of an extravagance for viewers to behold the abilities of others in awe. These days, the most anticipated competitions are held in football stadiums, boxing rings, and weight rooms. The rewards for today's gladiators consist of bragging rights over a rival, worldwide notoriety, and large sums of money. Being the best at what we do, getting the feeling that you are number one is what we as humans have always strived for. No matter what the cost had been we always took another step forward
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